miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Don't freak out! I'm about to put on 'paper' one of my most secret temptations!

Don't freak out! I'm about to put on 'paper' one of my most secret temptation!
Let's don't scream! This is just my atonement, my way for redemption!
Even myself I'm ashamed of this little flaw of morality,
are you prepared to dare the daring?

Raised among the rainy people, I'm the reckless sunny child.
Inmortality and morality is it that different? For me isn't even wild.
Did you get what I'm confessing? I'm pretty adicted to confess
but the truth is something that I keep deep inside.

Dare you to dare the daring? I'm the sunny child of the reckless,
The one who keeps inside the truth of the wild, the one kept hide.
Just don't freak out! Take a look inside you and you'll see me watching you.
Without any morality I put on you all the weight of moral humanity.

Dare you to dare the daring? Don't loose your mind trying to,
you'll about to be taken away from sanity, I have reason in my hand!
My temptation, your confessions, my redemption, your deceiving actions.

Don't worry is not getting any longer, unless you don't get what I mean...
You, humans tempt my veins every momment, your roots are rotten
Watch inside you, see me there, this confession is about to end...
 Your redemption is never born. Shame on you holly hell!


2 comentarios:

CarloZ dijo...

OMG! It's awesome..

I like the last part!

Morality and Immortality is it the same??? Well, It's all just a matter of perspective.

P.D: You deluded me. ¬¬


ifigenia dijo...

Shig, I want to listen this song, with guitar or another instrument, because i need music to remember the lyric of a song.

But I like the lyric, I hope that this one isn't the last song you write.